How to estimate “landed cost” on Canadian Shipments.

Wall Tools collects in US Dollars. Wall Tools does not collect taxes, duties, brokerage or associated fees on orders being shipped into Canada.  All associated taxes, duties and/or brokerages are the customer’s sole responsibility.  Wall Tools offers the following information as a guide to help our customers get a “fairly” accurate estimate of landed costs on orders shipped from Wall Tools to our Canadian customers.  We will not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on this page. This page serves as a guide only. The data herein was compiled from the following sources on July 28, 2011:  Yahoo! FinanceWikipediaUPS.

Ok, so you want to purchase some drywall tools from Wall Tools and have them shipped into Canada. We can help! We have many Canadian customers that do this on a daily basis. Here’s what you must do to get a fairly accurate estimate of your total landed costs.

Step 1

Add the items to your Shopping Cart and select your shipping method to get your Grand Total. This is what you will pay us.

Step 2

Convert the USD Sub-Total to Canadian Dollars, as you will not be charged taxes on the shipping fee. Taxes will be based on the Canadian Dollar amount.

Multiply the US Dollar amount by the current Canadian Exchange rate.

Tip:  Use Yahool! Finance’s Online Currency Converter to help you convert your sub-total automatically.  Simple cut and paste the sub-total of your shopping cart into the Online Currency Converter.

Step 3

Calculate GST, PST or HST based of your new Canadian Dollar Sub-Total.

The table below shows the current tax rates by Province as of July 1, 2010.  Find your Province and then multiply your Sub-Total (CAD) by the tax rate percentage.

Table Tax Rates for Canada by Province

Province of Delivery GST PST HST
Alberta 5%
British Columbia 12%
Manitoba 5% 7%
New Brunswick 13%
Newfoundland & Labrador 13%
Northwest Territories 5%
Nova Scotia 15%
Nunavut 5%
Ontario 13%
Prince Edward Island 5% 10%
Quebec 5% 7.5%
Saskatchewan 5% 5%
Yukon Territory 5%

For example:

  • If you are in Alberta, you will multiple Sub-Total by 5% (i.e. $4102.10 x .05) to calculate your GST ($205.10.)
  • If you are in British Columbia, you will multiple your Sub-Total (CAD) by 12% (i.e. $4102.10 x .12) to calculate your HST ($492.25)

Note: Not all Canadian Provinces apply taxes the same way. Some apply GST only, where others apply HST only. Some apply both GST and PST (i.e. Manitoba applies GST at 5% and PST at 7% for a total of 12% combined tax. In this case, you would simply multiply your Sub-Total (CAD) by 12%.)

Step 4

Calculate brokerage based on the value of your purchase.

Expedited shipment methods are FREE of brokerage (i.e. FedEx International Economy, FedEx International Priority, UPS Worldwide Expedited, UPS Saver, etc., will not be charged brokerage.)  Brokerage applies to standard shipping methods only (i.e. UPS Standard and FedEx Ground.)

All rates are in Canadian funds. Rates do not include applicable taxes on brokerage and/or additional fees.

Use the following table to estimate your brokerage:

Value for Duty (CAD) UPS Standard and FedEx Ground UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Expedited, UPS Saver, FedEx International Economy, FedEx International Priority
$0.00 to $20.00 $0.00 Free† 
$20.01 to $40.00 $7.00 Free†
$40.01 to $100.00 $19.95 Free†
$101.00 to $200.00 $29.00 Free†
$201.00 to $350.00 $44.95 Free†
$350.01 to $500.00 $49.70 Free†
$500.01 to $750.00 $56.50 Free†
$750.01 to $1000.00 $63.25 Free†
$1000.01 to $1,250.00 $70.00 Free†
$1250.01 to $1600.00 $74.40 Free†
$1600.01 to $5000.00 $78.50 Free†
Each additional $1000 $6.05 Free†

† Free – When UPS Customs Brokerage handles your imports, there is no Entry Preparation Fee for routine customs clearance of UPS Worldwide Express Plus, UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Saver and UPS Worldwide Expedited shipments, including up to five classification lines. Charges may apply for more complex customs clearance procedures.

‡ The first five classification lines are included in this fee; line charges apply from thesixth line. Rates, charges and services are subject to change without notice.

Additional Fees

Bond Fees
– Customers are responsible for payment of duties and taxes. When funds are not provided in advance by the customer, and UPS must post a bond to allow UPS shipments to be released in advance of payment to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), a fee of 2.7 per cent (minimum $5.85 on UPS Standard; minimum $10 on UPS Worldwide Express Plus™, UPS Worldwide Express™, UPS Worldwide Express Saver™ and UPS Worldwide Expedited™) of the amount advanced by UPS will be charged.
Minimum of $5.85 on UPS Standard; and $10 on expedited shipments.
Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.)
– Fee for collecting import charges on delivery. To avoid C.O.D. Fees, and expedite the customs clearance of your shipments, call 1-800-Pick-UPS® and ask about setting up a UPS Customs Brokerage/Importer Account.
$ 4.25
Other Government Departments (O.G.D.)
Processing Fee*
$ 16.00

* This fee applies to all agricultural shipments including, but not limited to, those subject to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency import requirements. This fee is rarely charged to Wall Tools customers.

To eliminate Bond and C.O.D. fees, please call UPS Canada at 1-800-263-8125 (select option 3 for UPS Customs Brokerage) and attempt to pay for your Brokerage and Taxes in advance.

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